Who let the Donkeys out?

Every year India organises Asia’s largest Donkey fair in Uttar Pradesh. This fair known as the ‘Gardhab Mela’ is a four day affair which witnesses the convergence of many traders and customers who come from different parts of the country to buy donkeys, horses and mules.

The donkeys sold at the fair are further promoted to carry people to the sacred Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir or bought by washer men, potters and construction workers to be used as load carriers. These domesticated animals are sold for prices ranging from 500/- to 20,000/-.

Urbanization has taken a toll on this annual traditional fair affecting buyers and eliminating sellers due to options of cheap two-wheelers available to do the donkeys work. Earlier donkey was the beast of burden in rural India. But better roads and cheap two-wheelers have literally driven donkeys off the roads.

Video Source: Hindustan Times

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