Wrap Cables The Right Way.

Here’s a simple video by I Love Music Academy (India) that will teach you how to wrap cables properly, so you don’t find them entangled the next time you have to use them.

Cables can be wrapped or coiled in two ways; the over/under coil method or the straight coil method.

Using the straight coil method can result in annoying knots and messy wire storage compartments. Constantly twisting a cable in the same direction, forces the outermost wires within the cable to travel further than the inner wires causing the cable to break over time due to stress.

The over/under method is the best way to wrap and coil cables. Using this method of looping cables ensures that the cable does not develop twists or knots. It is also faster to de-tangle, and easier to store. The over/under method is best known to extend the life of a cable.

Visit their website for more cool stuff: I Love Music Academy.

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